Welcome and thank you for taking an interest!

I have had many adventures in my life but for the past two decades I was mostly focused on business success. I could have had an easier time by having a regular career and working my way to a comfortable retirement but as I once said to my mother: 

“My first priority isn’t to succeed. My first priority is that whatever the result, it will be grand! Even if it’s a grand failure.”

And that has been very true. Some of my ventures were wild successes and some were absolute disasters. But I love them all and I wouldn’t change a thing.

But it is now time for me to start the next phase of my life. I’ve always been restless. Traveling and discovering new horizons is in my blood. My great-great-grandfather, Gaston Vuillier had it in him too.

Not to say I don’t have business ventures going. I do. Some you will find out about in the next few years since they are still under development. And they are big. Bigger than anything I’ve done up until now. But… I am now taking the time to feed my wanderlust. That’s what “The Sailing Flock” is about.

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